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The EACH Foundation’s grant to University of Hawaii, creates promising opportunities for future canc

In the late 80’s my grandmother (who was more like my mother) was diagnosed with breast cancer while living in Hawaii. It was bad luck, and bad timing and unfortunately wrong place. At this time Hawaii was not at the forefront of cancer research. If she had been diagnosed ten years later, I know she would have had at least two more decades of her vibrant life. I moved back to Hawaii from California to care for her during her chemo treatments, and I always remember how kind the nurses were and how frustrated everyone was with the lack of options.

Hence thirty years later, when I was given the opportunity to grant money on behalf of The EACH Foundation, I immediately called Todd Cullison of the University of Hawaii Foundation and asked what was needed. He suggested funding an ongoing internship program (see the attachment) that is working on research for cancer cures. And in addition to this great work, we were also able to honor Martha Gerbode on the walls of the University of Hawaii Cancer Center. I invite you to read more about the University’s Cancer research and donate as well.

Mimi Towle


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