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EACH Foundation Supports Athlete Solomon Simmons Olympic Dream

Hey sports fans, especially the track and field division of the Olympics, we’ve got an

athlete, who we think has a chance at gold. Keep an eye out for super star, Solomon

Simmons in the upcoming games.

How did the grant happen?

Lionel reached out to one of the EACH Foundation grantees, The Skyhook Foundation,

run by Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and asked whether there Kareem knew of any programs

with athletes needing funding to fuel their Olympic dreams who cannot make ends


Through the 925 Athletic Ministries in Atlanta Georgia, the EACH Foundation is

now supporting the Olympic hopes of twenty two year-old Solomon Simmons to make it

to Tokyo, and to produce a breakthrough performance to medal at the Olympic Games.

Solomon has met the world qualifying standard for his event, and will be representing

the United States Track & Field Association at the Doha, Qatar T&F World

Championships in October 2019.

Good luck, Solomon! We will be cheering for you in Tokyo!

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