The EACH Foundation prides itself on being radically inclusive and open to all interested parties, one and the same, to EACH their own. We give the power of giving to those whom the act of giving is not always possible. In another sense, we give those in need the ability to give to others in need. Like quantities best adhere to, and can comprehend, other like quantities; this is our mantra. We are an egalitarian, ethnically and socioeconomically diverse group of 30 civic-minded individuals from all spheres in life, striving to make a positive impact in our communities and the World around us. Very simply, our philosophy is to bring maximum positive change through genuine volunteerism in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The EACH Foundation does not pay any of its volunteer workers for anything: We all offer our services and time, professional or otherwise, pro bono for the good of the community. We meet once per month (via conference call and in person), and we couple with other similarly minded private grant-making foundations to leverage/amplify our greater good to society.

Our model is unique in that our Philanthropic Advisors ("PAs&") are from all segments of society, from diverse backgrounds, serve two-year terms, appoint their own successor PAs, and have the unfettered ability to give directly to causes that they themselves are passionate about, at their own individual discretion, to which they feel a unique connection.

Our positioning; "To EACH Their Own" informs our open architecture approach to giving--be it a large, small, new, or old charity. We believe that in life you get what you give, that what goes around comes around, and that society as a whole is more important than the wants of the individual.

  1. We believe in empowering everyday people with the power of giving.

  2. We believe that diversity and inclusivity provide the best path to philanthropic effectiveness.

  3. We believe that nonprofits are owned by nobody but everybody.

  4. We believe it’s more efficient to seek out our grantees rather than have them seek us.

  5. We believe that our thirty four philanthropic advisors are as good at giving as anyone.

  6. We believe that giving is the most rewarding and personally enriching act a person can perform.

  7. We believe the proper amount to give away per year is ten percent not five percent

  8. mandated by the IRS.

  9. We believe in an egalitarian operating structure, our motto being, "To EACH Their Own."

  10. We believe in giving full independent grant-making discretion to our philanthropic advisors.

  11. We believe in partnering with foundations and change agents to amplify our beliefs.

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