Our Grant Recipients

  • "E.A.C.H.": Education, Environment, Art, Animals, Children, Community, Health and Homelessness. 

  • Radically inclusive and diverse group of volunteer grantors and grantees.

  • Planning to wind-down and give out all assets in 2020 (roughly $11 million since inception).

  • San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii geographical focus.

  • Originally a family foundation established in 1955 (The Wallace A. Gerbode Foundation; over $200 million given away since inception).

  • Re-organized in 2009 by Lionel Shaw, president and founder, as a community foundation empowering everyday people with the gift of giving (and planned obsolescence in 2020).

  • Roots dating to Hawaiian missionary ancestral origin (cf., Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.).

  • $5.35 million granted to over 750 nonprofits since May 2016 (three times the IRS minimum mandate). 

  • 501(c)3 grant-making foundation leveraging free labor to give prudently with passion.

  • 30 Philanthropic Advisor volunteers seeking public charity recipients, rather than the reverse.

  • No paid staff, direct labor costs, or any brick and mortar offices.

  • Shared virtual office in San Francisco at 50 California Street.

  • Quarterly public meetings spotlighting six recipient grantees in a "TEDx-style" format.


The EACH Foundation board of directors is grateful to our 50+ donors who have made this opportunity possible, especially our main benefactor the Wallace A. Gerbode Foundation (named after our founder's uncle who died in 1954 his senior year at Stanford University).

Executive Officers

Lionel Shaw - President & Founder

Steve Talan - Operations

Lisa McKay - Treasurer

Tom Shepard - Marketing Chair

Jack Steffen - Community Outreach

Alex Gault - Ombudsman at Large


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